Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Three years later...

It has been a very long time since we posted on our blog. Yonatan is now three, and Ariel is six, and we moved to America.

Ima is the education director at a big shul in Detroit, and Abba is working at the Jewish high school, doing communications stuff and teaching some classes. We like having a house and cars and stuff, but we miss our friends and family in Jerusalem.

We have become experts on being gluten free, keeping kosher in Michigan, and learning the ropes.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been a while

A really long while. Ima is sorry. She's been busy with us and work and her new business (importing baby carriers), and writing on another blog called babythingsiwant.com, so she's kind of forgotten to post here. And Abba has also been busy with his business, personalbest.co.il.

Ariel update: Ariel finished a year of pre-pre-K, and is going to start pre-K in two weeks. He will be in Morah Yael's class at Gan Discovery. He's very excited about going back to gan after summer vacation. So is Ima. Ariel can dress himself, wash his own hair, put on (and "put off") his shoes, write his name in English (on paper and on the walls), and color really nicely. He can also do a lovely somersault, and he plays a mean air guitar to "We will rock you."

Yonatan update: Yonatan eats just about everything his babysitter puts in front of him (which, of course Ima prepares). For Ima, however, he will eat milk (NOT from a bottle), cheerios, crackers, and chicken. Oh, and cookies. And chocolate ice cream -- from a cone only. And banana bread. You get the idea. He also stands on his own for a few seconds -- walking is not far away, we think. And he can hold his own weight on the pull up bar. Really. And he wants to do it all the time. 

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

It's Adar!!!

We are very excited that Purim is coming. Ariel decided that we should all be superman (and superkid, and superbaby, and superwoman) for Purim -- so stay tuned for pictures!

Yonatan has started eating solids (and let the mess begin!), and while he's not crazy about banana and he likes applesauce, he LOVES prunes. Today we'll try carrots... Yonatan loves making laundry for Ima.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Long awaited update

Well.... it's been a busy few months, and people keep reminding Ima that my blog has not been updated. Well....

I got a baby brother right before Rosh Hashanah. His name is Yonatan Chaim, and he's really cute. "He's almost getting bigger" I keep telling Ima and Abba, "so soon he will play with me."

My Ima has been flying back and forth to America this year. First my Nana went to Shamayim in June, then my Poppy went to Shamayim in October. That made my Ima sad.

My Ima just updated this blog for me and Yonatan together, since it's not fair for "oling me" (only me -- one of my funny mispronunciations) to have one, and not my brother. So check out our new accomplishments to the right.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Been a while....

Ima has been busy. She keeps forgetting to post here for me. So...

I'm going to be a big brother (yeah, you probably knew that already) around the time we hear the shofar. I keep taking the shofar out and trying to get the baby to come sooner, but it doesn't work ("NO WORK!")

My Ima went away for a few weeks and left me with Abba. She told me she was going to America to help Nana and Poppy.

While Ima was gone, Mani (Emmanuelle, my babysitter) came over to play with me, and Uncle Tony came to play with me, and I was a pretty good boy ("Ayyeh good boy. Big boy now"). Ima came back and she was sad. I don't really understand, but I know I can't talk to Nana anymore on the telephone or see her anymore on the computer. There were a lot of people who came to our house every day, and some of them also played with me or read me stories.

It's good to have Ima back, even though she's a little sad and says that the baby keeps kicking her all the time and she can't get comfortable. She says that I'll be a big brother in around 3 months.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Still growing...

This is a picture of me with my cousins Estee and Batya. Estee is five and a half and Batya is four. I went to their house in Modiin for Shabbat with Ima while Abba was away in 'Merca. My cousin Yosef, who is six months older than me, was there too, but he was sleeping. Here we are all dressed up for Shabbat. In a very pre-schooler sort of way, that is -- and eating fish sticks...

Well, I'm now really getting this "two" thing. I can throw a temper tantrum like you wouldn't believe, I can put on my own sandals (not on the right feet, but I can get them on nonetheless), and I can take my socks off. I'm not interested in the potty yet (except in putting toilet paper into the potty and flushing it every time I walk by... and using it as a stool to reach the sink so I can wash my hands).

I am speaking in clear three and four word sentences these days -- and in Hebrew too. I say things like לא רוצה and אמא עושה לי and די מסוכן and מי זה and מה זה

In English, I make jokes and think about my day even after Ima puts me to sleep. The other night I spent ten minutes shouting "Ego (Diego), Dora, Boots" before I fell asleep. Ima thinks I was replaying the episode in my head. I also point out when things are "funny." They make me laugh!

I am really enjoying my gan too -- we have a lot of fun and special activities each week. On Mondays there is a rhythmica teacher who comes to teach us songs and movement and dances, and on Wednesdays we get to hear stories about animals and meet a new one each week. Last week we met gerbils!

Finally, I wanted to let you all know that I can count to fourteen. It goes like this:
free, four, five, six, veven, nine, ten, eveven, ten, fourteen.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


It's been hard to do any updating around here. Every time I turn around it's "no, we don't watch t.v. today, because it's Chag/Shabbat/Chag/Shabbat." So I did what any two year old would do: I said "movie?" as if that were any different! So no, I haven't watched a lot of Dora, Thomas, or Elmo over the last two weeks, but I did have another major accomplishment. I turned TWO!

My secular birthday was October 8, but it wasn't much fun this year because it was on Erev Yom Kippur. So I went to shul and tried really really hard to listen quietly, but then Ima took me outside because I was "fussy." I was doing pretty well for a two year old, thank you! It WAS my birthday (one of them, anyway) after all! I think Ima was fussy, so I ran outside and she listened to the davening from there. Then Abba came outside too and we listened together, and then we went home and Ima and Abba and I all went to sleep at my bedtime.

On my Hebrew birthday, 17 Tishrei, I had a party. Uncle Erik was there, and my friends Avi and Aviv and Lia and Eliana and Gilad (and his brother Eyal) came over and we colored, played with playdough that Ima made, and ate train (and airplane, motorcycle, and car) shaped pasta, and then went to the sukkah for a yummy cake that Ima made. It was shaped like a CHOO CHOO TRAIN! And boy was I excited! I also liked my presents!!!

The next day we went on a trip up north. It wasn't much fun, but I got to see my cousins Yosef and Batya and Estee, and to ride on a bus. Oh, and Abba let me eat some gee-gums (gummies). They were yummy!